31 December 2010

REMINDER: Switch your basecoat!

In the winter, as we change from light lotions to heavier creams for our face and body, we also need to pay attention to what we are using on our nails.  I have been experiencing quite a bit of tearing lately, and have decided to go back to my old standby:  Nailtek Hydration Therapy.  (It's also good for peelies!)  Look for Nailtek products at Ross, Marshall's or TJ Maxx to score a great deal!

This is especially important for those of us using a treatment for length or strength, often these are too drying in the winter.  It is better to have moisturized, flexible nails that can bend, rather than snap!

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30 December 2010

Franken Week: Blue Nova

Another super easy franken!  I used the other half of my Cover Girl City Lights and dumped it into a bottle of half empty New York Summer Hot Baby Blue.  LOVE!

29 December 2010

What I'm Lemming...

Why this new obsession, you ask?  Because I "just" discovered Too Faced (what planet was I on?) and I fell in love!  I have:


What are YOUR current lemmings?

Franken Week: Purple Nebula

Franken "Purple Nebula" over Zoya Kelly

This franken receipe is SUPER easy.  1/2 Zoya Vegas Freeze + 1/2 Cover Girl City Lights
Are you off for the holidays?  I am at work, but its nice and slow!

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28 December 2010

Franken Week: Intergalactic Planetary

 Receipe:  1/2 OPI Dating a Royal, 1/2 Art Club Black with holo glitter
(Click to enlarge)

Intergalactic Planetary Planetary Intergalactic
Another Dimension, Another Dimension

Well Now don't you tell me to smile
You stick around I'll make it worth your while
Got numbers beyond what you can dial
Maybe it's because I'm so versatile
Style profile I said
It always brings me back when I hear Ooh Child
From the Hudson River out to the Nile
I run the marathon til the very last mile
If you battle me I will revile
People always say my style is wild
You've got gall you've got guile
To step to me I'm a rapophile
If you want to battle your in denial
Coming from Uranus to check my style
Go ahead put my rhymes on trial
Cast you off into exile

Intergalactic planetary
Planetary intergalactic

Jazz and Awol that's our team
Step inside the party disrupt the whole scene
When it comes to beats well I'm a fiend
I like my sugar with coffee and cream
Well I got to keep it going keep it going full steam
Too sweet to be sour too nice to be mean
On the tough guy style I'm not too keen
To try to change the world I will plot and scheme
Mario C likes to keep it clean
Gonna shine like a sun beam
Keep on rapping cause that's my dream
Got an A from Moe Dee for sticking to themes
When it comes to envy y'all is green
Jealous of the rhyme and the rhyme routine
Another dimension new galaxy
Intergalactic planetary

Intergalactic planetary
Planetary intergalactic

From the family tree of old school hip hop
Kick off your shoes and relax your socks
The rhymes will spread just like a pox
Cause the music is live like an electric shock
I am known to do the Wop
Also known for the Flintstone Flop
Tammy D getting biz on the crop
Beastie Boys known to let the beat... drop
When I wrote graffiti my name was Slop
If my rap's soup my beats is stock
Step from the tables as I start to chop
I'm a lumber jack DJ Adrock
If you try to knock me you'll get mocked
I'll stir fry you in my wok
Your knees'll start shaking and your fingers pop
Like a pinch on the neck of Mr. Spock

Intergalactic planetary
Planetary intergalactic
Another dimension do it 

26 December 2010

Nail Mail - Just in time for Christmas!

OPI Pink Me I'm Good
These pretties all arrived right before Christmas, I am so lucky to have such great friends!  Pink Me I'm Good is from Jen the PolishAholic.  It was another of those annoying Ulta exclusives, but somehow ended up in a drug store!

China Glaze Dusk
This beautiful old China Glaze came to me as a surprise from NanRx, my great friend from MUA's Nail Board.  She knows I love old polish, the older the better!  I like China Glaze's old logo, I think it's better than the current one.
The polishes below all came from my awesome UK swap buddy, Rebekah.  She was so stressed out because instead of the usual 7-10 days, it took over a month to get here.  I knew it would come, and what time of year is better than right before Christmas?
asos paint in Kate and Gwen

Barry M Indigo and Black Crackle!
MaxFactor Minis! (no names)
Eyeko Military and Pastel Polish

Bloom Yeojin II
Miss Sporty 313 and No 7 Violetta

I hope you all had a great Christmas!
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24 December 2010

My Christmas Mani

China Glaze Party Hearty over Dior Timeless Gold

Happy Holidays!
Merry Christmas!
Feliz Navidad!

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p.s.  my blog will *soon* be found at 

22 December 2010

Win a Starry, Starry Night Necklace!

Tracey from GingerKittyDesigns is giving away this pendant!

Yes it is made from the rare, impossible to find Essie SSN nail polish! 
Click here to go to her blog!

Want to creat your very own CUSTOMIZED RBL???

image source:  blog.rescuebeauty.com

Ji Beck is holding a contest
to design your own RBL polish!

Click on the image above
to be taken to her blog.

Plum full of Cheer for the Holidays!

OPI Plum Full of Cheer (2010 Ulta Exclusive)

Last year I didn't really understand the fuss behind the Ulta Exclusive OPI polishes.  No clue.  Had I known that OPI lovers, both near and fall, would bend over backwards to get these, I would have tried a bit harder! Ulta runs a promotion where if you spend $18 or more (and two polishes are $17!) you can choose one of their exclusives for free.  Last year I missed out, but this year I was prepared.  I braved traffic-from-hell after work on a Friday (I went to the Pointe at Robinson, for my local readers) and found a full display!  This year there are three Ulta exclusives, but only one called out to me, Plum Full of Cheer.  It is a beautiful burgundy-wine-purple shade, one that I imagine would look good on everyone!  I also picked up the Gift of Gold for Rozie (see Jen's swatch here).  I completely passed on All the Berry Best (here) because it looked like a hundred other OPI reds.

Did you pick up any of these shades?

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21 December 2010

Update: Black Pearls in the Sun

Chanel Black Pearl - sun

The sun came out for two minutes today.  Literally, two minutes!  I took these pictures in the drive thru at McDonalds!

20 December 2010

I always thought of myself as a "diamond" kind of girl... until now.

Chanel Black Pearl - Spring 2011

I can't wait to see this polish in the light of day!

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OPI Queen of West Web-erly

I picked up this OPI back in March, during a dusty hunt.  I had never heard of it before, so I picked it up, thinking it was old (I ♥ Old OPI).  Little did I know that it wasn't that old!  I did a little digging and here is what I found:

OPI 90210 nail lacquers, named after the new television series on The CW, are limited-edition shades inspired by the lead female characters on the show:  Queen of West Web-erly, purple shimmer; Sweet as Annie-thing lollipop red; Pretty and Privileged, ruby red.
I am sorry, but no one will EVER be able to replace Kelly, Brenda, and Donna.  

Back to polish!  Did you ever buy one of those shades that looks good in the bottle, but you hate in once its on your nails?  Then you see it a few months later in pics and like it again?  Only you gave it away to someone else?  That's what Queen of West Web-erly was polish for me.  I am not sad I gave it away though, I am 100% positive it will be more loved by it's new owner.

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