24 May 2010

Dollar Tree Find: Maybelline Taupe Tulle

Maybelline Taupe Tulle

I love finding polishes at Dollar Tree! You never know what you will find. I have this thing where I buy every single shimmery nude polish I find. Some are great, some not so much. Some make your nails look long and elegant, some make your nails disappear into "mannequin hands," and some just look plain old bad!

Maybelline Taupe Tulle

I love how long my nails look in the above picture!

Maybelline Taupe Tulle

I went thru 5 shimmery nude polishes this morning. This is the only one that survived the purge, but the rest will be used for frankens! With my DT glitter that genalewis from MUA clued me into!!! If you ever have trouble with glitter in your frankens sinking to the bottom, use a base that's not clear, it will help suspend the glitter! Here is what I mean...


What do you use for your frankens?