26 May 2010

ESSENCE.... why do you taunt me?

I am obsessed with Essence. Seriously. I am. I am lucky I have friends in Europe that help me track down "Limited Editon" colors. But lately Essence has been bringing out new collections like every two weeks (ok maybe once a month but it feels like every two weeks)!

I thought I had all the ones I wanted on their way to me....

and then I found out about the Surfer Babe Collection.

AHHHH! I die.

01 surferama, 02 pointbreak, 03 loose and 04 the world’s coolest.

I already have quite a few of the Color Crazy and Nail Art Twins on the way, but now I am seriously lemming these. Maybe I should find a way to block all Essence from showing up on my computer so I don't get new lemmings!