22 May 2010

Hidden Treasure gets me in the end...

I admit it. I was one of the people "turned off" by Hidden Treasure. I was so SICK of hearing about it I avoided the NB like the plague!

And then,

NanRx offered to send me her extra bottle. Um, yes please?!?

I am embarrassed to say when the package came, I did a little happy dance!!!

So here is is, in all its glory! I paired it with OPI Funky Dunkey (why is this not Funky Donkey?) because I thought it would be awesome over purple!!!

OPI Funky Dunky + SH Hidden Treasure

I actually own GOSH Rainbow, but I find this easier to work with. The huge SH brush that I usually find hard to control was awesome for applying flakies, only 1 stroke covered the whole nail. It dried quickly too, which is great. Have you noticed the NYX flakies NEVER DRY? Purple Ave is cool but it turns all the dry polish beneath it into mush. Yuck.

Back to the pretties!!!


OPI Funky Dunky + SH Hidden Treasure

OPI Funky Dunky + SH Hidden Treasure
That's it for now, what is your favorite color to layer Hidden Treasure over?