23 May 2010

My Current Favorite Greiges Part 1

I actually put this up on the NB a week or so ago, but I wanted to do it again, only better. I thought if I put this up today, it would make me actually work on Part 2 tomorrow!

Greige comps

thumb - Revlon Grey Suede... not grey at all! pretty shimmer
index - Essie Playa de Platinum... still unique!
middle - Petites - Vintage Gray.. still not grey! very close to...
ring - CC High Society... yes! one that doesn't claim to be grey! griege that has a teeny tiny bit of purple... slightly darker than Vintage Gray
pinky - Rimmel Steel Grey... i finally caved and bought it, love it!

for reference my face is NC20, and all are 2 coats