24 May 2010

My favorite Greiges, Part 2

So here is part two of my Greiges! I broke these up into two categories, the more brown-beige and the more grey-beige. I pulled a lot from my stash to supplement the newer colors, so some of the Maybellines were from DT, and the Essie were on clearance at Trade Secret.


From thumb to pinky: Maybelline Cocoa Bean, Chanel Particular, Rimmel Steel Grey, Color Club High Society, Maybelline Touch of Taupe

I am sure you have all read reviews or seen tons of swatches the newer ones, but I was pleasantly surprised by the DT Maybellines. They applied wonderfully ( i was afraid they would be streaky like some of the old SH are) and after a few drops of Seche Restore they looked brand new! These are all two coats. I had zero problems with any of these polishes. I would wear all but Cocoa Bean as a full mani, it is just too brown for me.

I still think it is hilarious that the Rimmel is called Steel Grey! Only when compared to Particular do I see any "grey" in it. For those of you craving more greiges but are on a budget, I would definitely recommend hitting up your local Dollar Tree in search of Touch of Taupe. If Maybelline named it today I am sure it would be called Touch of Grey. Oh, that sounds like a Just For Men color!!!

Greiges 2

From thumb to pinky: Revlon Grey Suede, Essie Playa del Platinum, Essie Great Expectations, Essie Body Language, Color Club Who Are You Wearing?

I know most of these are super light, but I wanted to find colors in between Playa del Platinum and Who Are You Wearing. WAYW looks super light, almost pink in this picture. It was a royal PITA to apply. It may end up in the swap box. I would reach for Body Language if I was going for a nude-on trend but not mushroom-color. Great Expectations surprised me, I thought it would be super streaky but settled down after only 2 coats. ALL were two coats, except the pesky CC.

PdP is still super unique and I love it. Somehow the new Resort Essies have become HTF, which is a problem for me because I promised my wife-across-the-seas I would send her some no matter what! I got mine at Ulta on buy 2 get 1 free, but the sale was soooooooo good that there are non left. And we all know the story with the e-tailers. Hmmm..........