22 May 2010

My first BB Coutures...

I can't stop staring at my left hand. I swatches two polishes i received, one yesterday and one today, both BB Couture... and I don't want to take them off! I don't think it would look horrible as a mani, do you?

Index and Ring - Man Bug
Middle and Pinkie - Frosty Meadow

I can't decide which of them I like better. My very first BB Couture's, and they are both green! When I got into nail polish a few months ago, if you asked me what my favorite polish color was I would have said blue. Months later, I come to find out I was wrong. My true favorites seem to be green!!!

Can you believe how good this looks? I took this picture at 7:00pm on a grey and cloudy day and they both look incredible. Now I know why everyone is crazy over BB Couture. This is 3 coats, well worth every single one. I love the jelly/micro glitter combo, it is fantastic.

So what BB Couture should I look for next? Here is my wish list!
Award Medal ***
Coal Miner***
Dragon's Breath
Golf Pro
Impact Driver
Little Deuce Coupe
Midnight Malibu
Moon over Manhattan***
Napa Valley
Night Ops
Sea of Cortez
Opposites Attract
Venice Party
Pipe Bender
Stud Finder

I know, I know... I have a long wishlist!