28 May 2010

Today I Craved Pink!

I do not reach for pink very often. Out of my 400ish polishes, i bet I only have 15-20 pinks! And most of them were to complete a "collection." You know what I mean, when you buy a polish because you HAVE to have it... but have no actual intention of actually wearing it. (BTW, this is when you turn from an addict to a "collector.")

From polish insomniac

So imagine my surprise when I actually wanted to wear a pink today! I blame it all on my outfit, a black t-shirt with a pink design. I certainly could not wear the green DH picked out! I reached into my pile of polishes from Roze and picked Essence Think Pink from the Crazy About Color collection.

ONE COAT! Should I say it again? ONE COAT! But naturally I didn't trust it so I did two out of habit. It was the easiest polish to apply!!! And super crazy shiny. I love it!

I know I have been going on and on about Essence lately, so for you US girls who are craving some Essence, you can click here to see what is available at Ulta!