30 June 2010

Stash Storage: Base Coats, Top Coats, and Treatments

I got this cute box at TJ Maxx a few months ago. I believe its original intent was for stationary storage, but it is the perfect size for nail polish, all the bottles I use fit in it perfectly, even the taller ones.

I don't like putting my topcoats in my helmer, I like to keep them in something I can pick up and walk around in. I can fit 27 polishes in this box, which is pretty good for how cute it is!

I use this for the topcoats/basecoats/treatments that are not currently in rotation. I have another storage system I use for my current products, which I will show you later in the week.

Do you have any cute storage solutions? I would love to hear about them!

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28 June 2010

Base Coats, my brief love affair with SH NQ

When I started REALLY getting into nail polish I became obsessed with finding the PERFECT base coat and top coat. I must say I had a much harder time with the base coat.

The first base coat I really liked was Sally Hansen Nail Quencher.
Naturally, by the time I tried it for the first time it was discontinued.
So I had to stock up!

Unfortunately, it worked great in the beginning, but then I noticed I was getting mad crazy bubbles, even though it didn't need thinner, and I wasn't in a room with a fan. I also noticed it didn't seem to be helping with my peelies as much as it had in the beginning.

So I started giving away my stash, one bottle at a time, and the picture above is what I have left
If you want to try this yourself but can't get your fingers on it, comment on my post here for your chance to win some of my backups!!!

27 June 2010

Are you devoted to your BC and TC, or do you change it up? Answer and WIN!

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Thank You for all your wonderful answers!

I have too many treatments! Are you the same? Do you stock up on something only to find out it isn't the "right thing" for you? I will be showing your my "stash" over the next week, and I want to know what you use!!!

How many treatments do you have?

What are you HG BC and TC?
(HG = holy grail)

Do you use a BC that is a treatment?

Or do you just buy what's on sale?

All you have to do is be a follower,
answer any of my questions by commenting on this post,
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You can answer just one of the questions, or all of them.

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The Giveaway Has Closed!
Thank You for all your wonderful answers!

Blue MONTH, Essie Shelter Island and Smurfs and flakies

Essie Shelter Island + Inglot 204 + Chanel Illusion d'or

I have literally been craving blue lately. With my weird work schedule, I have finally accepted the fact that I cannot change my polish every day. So when trying to decide what color to wear for the next few days, my logical brain said to use Essie Pretty Edgy that I recently picked up at Ulta. But when I opened the bottle somehow I reached past Pretty Edgy and grabbed Shelter Island instead. These intense aqua-inspired colors are driving me crazy! There for I am declaring Blue Month. I am giving into temptation. Sometimes I have found it is better not to fight my addictive personality!

Essie Shelter Island

Essie Shelter Island was a slight PITA to apply. I am thinking it has a tiny bit of neon pigment, or something similar, I used 3 coats, and I was concerned that it would turn out bad because it apply rather 'lumpy.' Thank goodness it did an amazing job of self leveling!!! I love my Essies, and this one did NOT let me down. The color actually makes me think of Smurfs!

Essie Shelter Island + Inglot 204 + Chanel Illusion d'or

Did you know that the Smurfs were a comic strip in Belgium many many years before they were a TV cartoon? (I love Wikipedia!)

The comic strip was created by Piterre Culliford (25 June 1928 – 24 December 1992), known as Peyo. Later the comic strip was adapted into the popular cartoon which aired from 1981 to 1990. Being a child of the 80's I loved the Smurfs!

Essie Shelter Island + Inglot 204 + Chanel Illusion d'or
Oh, back to polish. The next day I knew I wanted to add Illusion d'or because I love how it looks over blues (you can see it here over WwtC). But I wanted to bring out the pink/blue hex glitter in it, so first i did a a layer of blue based-flakies, Inglot 204. I really think the 204 brings out the blue in the I-d'or, don't you?

And for any of you still looking for Essie Shelter Island, I bought it here:

25 June 2010

Ulta Haul!

I recently did a little bit of haul. Just a little bit.

Demure Vixen, Shop Till I Drop, Vermillionaire, Pretty Edgy (2), Playa del Platinum

I could not help it, buy 2 get one free? Especially since the e-tailers have been scared out of discounting Essie after the whole OPI fiasco (not that I blame them).
Two of these were not for me, but for the wifey! I am sending her PE and PdP, along with T&C.

I already own PdP, if you don't then you should get yourself in gear and figure out how you are gonna get it because it is AWESOME!

On Tuesday night I put Vermillionaire on my left hand and Shop Till I Drop on the right. Was only supposed to be fore a few hours. Turned out I went to work with them on Thursday due to DH thinking I needed to pay attention to him! Good thing nobody at my work cares. Wait, no one at my work even NOTICED. Kinda sucked, actually.

China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy

I have been looking all over for this! It was sold out at Cosmoprof and Sally! Can't wait, should I do toes or tips first???

Check it out! I was so blown away by the price I didn't even really pay attention to the color!

Hm, wonder if I will ever wear this one?

What have you been hauling recently? I would love to hear it!

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24 June 2010

In case you aren't on the mailing list... Eyeko

I have been trying to be good.
I will be good.
I will be good.
I will be...
* Enter TEA ROSE into the special comments box at checkout. Must end midnight UK time 1st July 2010. Whilst stocks last.

Dang it! This color reminds me of my very first polish EVER. I think it was Cover Girl.

*puts thumbs in ears*
*hides CC, goes to bed*

Prize Winning Nails!

When I sent out the polishes from my first giveaway, I asked the reader to send me some pics... and she did!

Here is what May had to say:

"I couldn't wait to use one of these so I layered 2 coats of Sapphire Shimmer over my current manicure, Essence No More Drama. I've attached pics of how it turned out. I call it liquid awesomeness! I really love the holo glitter and the jelly finish. One coat turned my manicure a periwinkle color, and two coats made it a medium squishy blue. Love this and will definitely try it over other colors or by itself."

Thanks for sharing, May!
Can't wait to see more!

22 June 2010

Nail Mail, Hello Kitty Edition

I had seen these H&M Hello Kitty on a few other blogs and was immediately jealous!
I was completely surprised when they arrived in my mailbox today!


The pink is a wonderful vinyl-like creme, the blue is a gorgeous aqua with silver micro glitter. Both are super shiny and the formula was easy to work with. This is only 2 coats. *hurrah!*

H&M Hello Kitty - Kitty Pink and Kitty Blue

You can really see the glitter in the shade picture. I love these polishes and the finishes on each.

21 June 2010

Dear BYS Fern, I didn't know how much I would like you

I forgot to mention on my last post that BYS in an Australian brand.
I did a swap on MUA with a lovely lady and she included this one as an extra.

I received it about 2 months ago but never put it on until I decided to go through my untried greens.

IMO it is a very unique shade of green. Fern is an appropriate name, and the shimmer in it is to DIE for.

The formula in this was awesome, which was great after yesterday's formula debacle.

This was just two coats. I spent about 4 hours in the pool today and have only minimal tip wear.

Have any of you tried BYS? So far I would highly recommend it, even thought the formula wasn't that great on my first bottle. The colors are unique, and it is not super expensive like some of the more well known Australian brands are.

I found out about this brand on You've Got Nail. I have been reading this blog for almost 6 months and I love every post. If you haven't been to this site, I highly recommend it. It is very well written, fun to follow, and has cute giveaways.

BYS you might want to look at a Pantone Chart

Because this is NOT mauve! More of a blue-based lilac, I am thinking! Beautiful color whatever the name is! As Juliet would say:
What's in a name? That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet

Look at that tip wear after 12 hours! Bad polish, bad top coat, or lack of skills during application? I think all three. The polish needed thinned, and I could not figure out if I should use my Orly thinner (B3F) or Seche Restore (yummy chemicals). My SV is getting old, and I applied it at night. I think between the three, the poor mani didn't have a chance. I will definitely give this one another try before I give up on it! When I learned which thinner to us, that is.

This is one of those pictures that did not turn out as I intended,
but how cool does that flower look?

I decided to do a quick comp to help myself determine what color this was, since it wasn't mauve in my eyes.

BYS Mauve-in On Up, Catrice Lucky in Lilac, Essence Lilac Forever, OPI Do You Lilac It It? OPI Done out in Deco

Same order as above from pinky to thumb

Well well well. I should learn to check my pics before grabbing the remover! This pic came out rather washed out. Thanks early morning sun! Although it appears the Catrice and the Essence are dupes, I will do another comp post at a later time in different light to verify.

So ladies, how would you describe the color of the BYS? What would you name it?

20 June 2010

Bring Back Clarins 230!

I came across some information on the Lacquered Lizard's blog that I wanted to share with you regarding Clarins 230:

"On another note, I sent a request to Clarin's today using this link: Ask Clarins to bring Clarins 230 back. I got a response saying they'd forward it to research and development. Let's all drop them a note to bring it back and maybe if they get enough requests they will? Let's at least try. What do you say ladies??? Who's with me??? :) "

I have never had the chance to see Unicorn Pee in real life, so I jumped on the chance to give Clarins my two cents!

More Pretties Added!

Please check out my new additions, feel free to email me at polishinsomniac@gmail.com with any questions!

19 June 2010

Blue Week, Orly Blue Collar

Raise your hand if you have ever been to the 'burgh.

Anyone? Anyone?

If the Steelers and the Penguins (and the horrible, horrible Pirates) were not Black 'n Gold teams, then this Orly would be the offical color of Pittsburgh.

Don't get me wrong, I love Pittsburgh. But I never really truly realized exactly how "blue collar" it was until I spent ten years away, in "white collar" cities.

The great thing about growing up in an environment like this is that the people here really truly are great. They work hard, they play harder. We don't have too many "uppity people" here. I think living in Colorado may have actually made me forget what it is like to be surrounded by people who think how you act is more important than how you dress and what kind of car you drive. (Don't get me wrong I am planning on going back to Denver! I liked it there! I miss it!)

Suffice it to say that I slowly worked my way into debt trying to keep up with the Jones'. Now I am back, in the SAME place I was born, starting over, and for the first time I can say I am glad. Because I am getting back to me. Oh, except I do think it is fine to spend waaaaaaay to much money on polish! And I still want to go back to Denver!

I never purchased an Orly until this past year, and I must say that they are up there in my top 10 brands. Great formulas, great colors, and good sales at Sally's. What more do you need??? This one wore beautifully, I want to wear it again! Toes, maybe???

18 June 2010

AND THE WINNER IS... and the answer is Rolling Rock!

I used a VERY scientific way of choosing a winner, I asked my husband to pick a number between 1 and 60. He choose 33.
For my other PA girls
(and I know there are quite a few of you in Philly!) can you tell me the significance of the number 33???
The first one to answer WINS a FINGER PAINTS polish in Blissfully Blue!
Anyone can answer, if you can relate the number 33 to the state of Pennsylvania.
Without further ado,
the winner of my first giveway
May I am sending you an email to the address you provided.
If for some reason I do not hear back from you in the next 48 hours I will pick another winner!

Stylish Blogger Award

I am a new enough blogger that receiving a tag like this is super exciting!
My dear friend Audrey of Le Vernis Chocolat tagged me with this award and I am now playing it forward!!
Copy the award above, place it on your blog - link your blog back to me and name five things about yourself!

1. The first CD I ever owned was Diana Ross and the Supreme's Greatest Hits, quickly followed by TLC Crazy Sexy Cool (hello, random much!)
2. I turned 30 this year in March and it is just now starting to freak me out. AND my seven year wedding anniversary is coming up in November... I am offically an adult, but I don't wanna be! In my head, I am still in college.
3. Speaking of college, I graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a degree in Classics. Yep, Greek and Roman history, language, and arts. Four years of Latin and I don't remember anything.
4. I am crazy shy and outrageously outgoing at the same time. It goes in phases.
5. I talk to people for 10 hours strait while at work. When I come home I appreciate silence.

17 June 2010

Blue Week, Quick KOTD, and a note

Hello fellow nail peeps, sorry I have been incommunicato. I spent some time with DH, and then got horribly sick. Still not feeling like myself, but wanted to show you this KOTD I wore a few days ago. The base is Orly Blue Collar (review coming soon) with ChG Millennium. I can't remember which plate this is from, sorry!


polish insomniac

15 June 2010

Blue Week, SpaRitual Crystal Eyes

How beautiful is this color? SpaRitual Crystal Eyes is a unique medium blue.
I love that it appears classy and funky at the same time.

I learned shortly after I ordered these polishes that SpaRitual and Orly
are owned by the same company.

Some of their colors are said to be dupes of each other, but I do not believe there is an Orly that looks quite like this. I recently picked up Orly Blue Collar but it is a much lighter, almost neon color.

What has your experience been with SpaRitual? For some reason the two I have tried are chippy on me, but it could have been the basecoat/topcoat I was using a the time.

14 June 2010

Blog Sale!

Check out my Blog Sale,

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Blue Week, Eyeko Pastel Polish

Ever have a polish that was a total PITA to apply, but the results turned out so well you didn't care? Eyeko Pastel Polish For Nice Nails was one of those polishes for me.

The reason I think this problem was such a pain was the bottle design. The mouth on the bottle was wide, and the brush was short, so just using the polish was messy. This was four coats but totally worth it! There was no sun this week, so I apologize for the grainy photos.

I can't wait to wear this one again on a sunny day!

Do you have any Eyeko's? Do you love them or hate them? I am totally lemming Vintage Polish, but fear that it is no longer available. ;o(

UPDATE: Vintage Polish is still available on the Eyeko website!

polish insomniac
(and true to my name, it is really 2:00 am as I am typing this)

12 June 2010

A winter mani for those hot summer days: ChG Snowglobe (over OPI Moon over Mumbai)

I really wanted to install a comment system, but was afraid I would mess something up. Turns out it is not so hard!

Please let me know how you feel about this system... If you ladies like it, I will keep it. If you don't, there are a few others that look interesting!

OH!!! And this is an NOTD I took on December 30th. I thought it would be nice to look at a cool color after all this heat! Well, heat in the Northern Hemisphere, anyways! I really enjoy glitters more in the winter. They are like a shield for my nails!

This picture was taken about 2 months after I started following the MUA Nail Board. My nails were still super short at this time, but I was learning to take care of my cuticles! I don't think I have this polish anymore, if I recall I sent it to Roze. =)

So please! Comment so we can test this thing out. I appreciate any feedback you have! Any at all!


11 June 2010

Nail Mail, Dutch Girls Rock Edition!

Have you ever noticed how awesome people who live in the Netherlands are? Seriously! Dutch girls rock! This package came from my friend Natasja, who happens to work very close to Germany, so I was able to get awesome p2 products too!

Essence Nail Art Twins
Thelma & Louise, Mr Big & Carrie

Oh and Michele, you were right, stroopwaffels are AMAZING! I had to hide them from myself, or I would have eaten them all in one setting.

Maybelline Colorama in Cherry Sweet and Tutti Frutti!

These officially bring my Colorama collection to 100 bottles (although I have around 24 dupes). I have never worn any of them. But I am obsessed with finding EVERY SINGLE ONE! Aren't these ones super cute? I don't have any with this style logo.

Anyone else have a Colorama collection?

MNY (Maybelline New York) 673, 761, 445, 557,549
made in France

Um, hello? Maybelline New York??? Don't you think you could sell these in the US?

p2 Color Victim artful, shockful, so cool
So pretty and FUN!

p2 Color Victim gracious, gorgeous, matte tc, rich & royal

My NOTD is p2 gracious, wonderful dusty lilac-taupe.

p2 summer rain, summer cocktail, summer party

How awesome are those bottles!!! Another greige!

p2 color your life in morning dew
I will be the first to admit I am an eyeshadow snob. I started with Bobbi Brown, then moved on to LORAC, Smashbox, MAC, etc.
So I didn't have much hope for these. I woke up this morning with NO WATER so I had to go to work grungy. I threw this in my bag and did my eyes when I got to work. I was so surprised when 4 hours later my eyes look incredible! I did use Benefit Stay Don't Stray, which is quickly eclipsing my UDPP. We will see how the next six hours go. And I love the colors. I never would have picked them out but I love love love the green!
I am looking forward to doing ANOTHER greige-taupe comparison with my new pretties! The MNY 549 looks pretty close to Particular, and I have the Catrice that Roze sent me too. Fun stuff! Now I just need to get thru Saturday. This three 10 hour days in a row is getting to me. Somehow I am typing this at work. Pretty sure I should not have access to Blogger on my comptuer, but here I am typing this up on my lunch break!