28 June 2010

Base Coats, my brief love affair with SH NQ

When I started REALLY getting into nail polish I became obsessed with finding the PERFECT base coat and top coat. I must say I had a much harder time with the base coat.

The first base coat I really liked was Sally Hansen Nail Quencher.
Naturally, by the time I tried it for the first time it was discontinued.
So I had to stock up!

Unfortunately, it worked great in the beginning, but then I noticed I was getting mad crazy bubbles, even though it didn't need thinner, and I wasn't in a room with a fan. I also noticed it didn't seem to be helping with my peelies as much as it had in the beginning.

So I started giving away my stash, one bottle at a time, and the picture above is what I have left
If you want to try this yourself but can't get your fingers on it, comment on my post here for your chance to win some of my backups!!!