14 June 2010

Blue Week, Eyeko Pastel Polish

Ever have a polish that was a total PITA to apply, but the results turned out so well you didn't care? Eyeko Pastel Polish For Nice Nails was one of those polishes for me.

The reason I think this problem was such a pain was the bottle design. The mouth on the bottle was wide, and the brush was short, so just using the polish was messy. This was four coats but totally worth it! There was no sun this week, so I apologize for the grainy photos.

I can't wait to wear this one again on a sunny day!

Do you have any Eyeko's? Do you love them or hate them? I am totally lemming Vintage Polish, but fear that it is no longer available. ;o(

UPDATE: Vintage Polish is still available on the Eyeko website!

polish insomniac
(and true to my name, it is really 2:00 am as I am typing this)