21 June 2010

BYS you might want to look at a Pantone Chart

Because this is NOT mauve! More of a blue-based lilac, I am thinking! Beautiful color whatever the name is! As Juliet would say:
What's in a name? That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet

Look at that tip wear after 12 hours! Bad polish, bad top coat, or lack of skills during application? I think all three. The polish needed thinned, and I could not figure out if I should use my Orly thinner (B3F) or Seche Restore (yummy chemicals). My SV is getting old, and I applied it at night. I think between the three, the poor mani didn't have a chance. I will definitely give this one another try before I give up on it! When I learned which thinner to us, that is.

This is one of those pictures that did not turn out as I intended,
but how cool does that flower look?

I decided to do a quick comp to help myself determine what color this was, since it wasn't mauve in my eyes.

BYS Mauve-in On Up, Catrice Lucky in Lilac, Essence Lilac Forever, OPI Do You Lilac It It? OPI Done out in Deco

Same order as above from pinky to thumb

Well well well. I should learn to check my pics before grabbing the remover! This pic came out rather washed out. Thanks early morning sun! Although it appears the Catrice and the Essence are dupes, I will do another comp post at a later time in different light to verify.

So ladies, how would you describe the color of the BYS? What would you name it?