08 June 2010

Do the Dew, Shrektacular Skittles, and other Shrek NOTD's

OPI Who the Shrek are You?

This is quite possiblity the most weird looking wearable green out there! The Mountain Dew picture was taking indoors, and below outdoors (in my car, really). See how different they look? Indoors it looks kind of lime-y and outdoors very Shrek!

OPI Who the Shrek are You?

I thought this would look ridiculous on me but I really liked it. I currently only have the mini but will more than likely pick up the full size soon.

OPI What's with the Cattitude + Illusion d'or

This was a PITA to apply, but I got a lot of compliments on it. May pick up the full size bottle if I come across it on sale, or in a swap.

Thumb to Pinky: Who the Shrek are You, Rumple's Wiggin,-the-Top Blue, Funky Dunkey, What's with the Cattitude

Thumb to Pinky: Funky Dunkey, Fiercely Fiona, What's with the Cattitude, Rumple's Wiggin, Who the Shrek are You

I purchased a full size bottle of both Ogre-the-Top Blue and Funky Dunkey. I the OttB, and I have worn it as a full mani but do not have that picture for you today. Funky Dunkey was so close to ChG Grape Pop that even I couldn't find a reason to keep both. I chose to keep the ChG for one simple reason: the name Funky Dunkey. I am sorry but it makes absolutely no sense to me. Even AFTER I saw the movie.

What do you think about the Shrek collection? Would you wear Who the Shrek are You?