09 June 2010

Franken Question

Good Morning!!! and Good Afternoon to my European and Australian friends!

Today I have a question for YOU!

I have both OPI Catch Me in Your Net and Zoya Charla. No matter what anyone tells you, they are dupes. I am the queen of rationalizing why I need to keep polishes, but even I have to admit there is absolutely no reason to keep both of these. I wore them both for three days trying to see a difference in the shade and which would wear better. They are the same! They even gave me the same smurf fingers!

Since I do like the color so much, I want to franken the Zoya into a lighter shade.

BUT! So here is the question. I, like many of you, have a thing where I find Zoya's hard to dry on me. I finally found a top coat that "works" but... Anyways, since Zoya's formula is pretty unique, can I mix it with other polish? Would that make the franken super hard to dry as well or will it help the formula dry faster???

And no, I don't want to franken the OPI. I don't have a good reason! Well, I guess I like that I can use regular quick dry TC's with the OPI.

Does anyone have experience frankening with Zoyas?

I would love your imput!!!