10 June 2010

Target Score! My Liberty of London flip flops and Ozotic Pro #624

I will not subject you to many POTW for two reasons:

1. I do my toes about once every 2-3 weeks
2. A lot of you get freaked out by them

How adorable are these flip flops? I wanted EVERYTHING when this line debuted at Target. But I was a good girl and bided my time, and I am happy to say I have 3 awesome items.

I got these for $3! Can you believe it? I dug a pink t-shirt out of my closet to wear to work just to match the shoes. (Turns out I have 2 pink shirts, that is it!)

I love them, and they are super comfy!

Ozotic Pro #624 is a fabulous purple holo glitter. I will need to swatch it on my nails soon!

Question of the night/day...

If you wear a color on your toes, but not your nails, is it still an "untried?"