11 June 2010

Nail Mail, Dutch Girls Rock Edition!

Have you ever noticed how awesome people who live in the Netherlands are? Seriously! Dutch girls rock! This package came from my friend Natasja, who happens to work very close to Germany, so I was able to get awesome p2 products too!

Essence Nail Art Twins
Thelma & Louise, Mr Big & Carrie

Oh and Michele, you were right, stroopwaffels are AMAZING! I had to hide them from myself, or I would have eaten them all in one setting.

Maybelline Colorama in Cherry Sweet and Tutti Frutti!

These officially bring my Colorama collection to 100 bottles (although I have around 24 dupes). I have never worn any of them. But I am obsessed with finding EVERY SINGLE ONE! Aren't these ones super cute? I don't have any with this style logo.

Anyone else have a Colorama collection?

MNY (Maybelline New York) 673, 761, 445, 557,549
made in France

Um, hello? Maybelline New York??? Don't you think you could sell these in the US?

p2 Color Victim artful, shockful, so cool
So pretty and FUN!

p2 Color Victim gracious, gorgeous, matte tc, rich & royal

My NOTD is p2 gracious, wonderful dusty lilac-taupe.

p2 summer rain, summer cocktail, summer party

How awesome are those bottles!!! Another greige!

p2 color your life in morning dew
I will be the first to admit I am an eyeshadow snob. I started with Bobbi Brown, then moved on to LORAC, Smashbox, MAC, etc.
So I didn't have much hope for these. I woke up this morning with NO WATER so I had to go to work grungy. I threw this in my bag and did my eyes when I got to work. I was so surprised when 4 hours later my eyes look incredible! I did use Benefit Stay Don't Stray, which is quickly eclipsing my UDPP. We will see how the next six hours go. And I love the colors. I never would have picked them out but I love love love the green!
I am looking forward to doing ANOTHER greige-taupe comparison with my new pretties! The MNY 549 looks pretty close to Particular, and I have the Catrice that Roze sent me too. Fun stuff! Now I just need to get thru Saturday. This three 10 hour days in a row is getting to me. Somehow I am typing this at work. Pretty sure I should not have access to Blogger on my comptuer, but here I am typing this up on my lunch break!