04 June 2010

random thought turns into a full out plan!

OK so this is for those of you are not super sensitive about your "online persona."
If this idea bugs you, then by all means just skip this post! We won't mind.

Last night when I spent 45 minutes searching for super cute pictures of the dang twitter bird, I thought to myself, I wish there was a way for everyone else to connect the dots. MUA names. Twitter names. Blogger screen names. Blogs themselves. WHOA!

Google Friend Connect Names = MUA names = twitter ids.

jbrobeck = @jbrobs
(betcha never would have figured that one out!)

So I thought I would ask you all if you want to share? If you do, just reply to this post. If you don't, we won't know!

Poker After Dark just came on, which means I should be asleep. I am scheduling this for in the morning when normal people are awake.

@jbrobs out!!!