09 June 2010

Rock On with a Rainbow of Hidden Treasure

I have a growing collection of flakies. My first one was from my friend Toni, she got me GOSH Rainbow. It was love at first site! My friend Roze found out I didn't own any Nfu-Oh's and promtly hooked me up. Then I randomly acquired an oldie but goodie, L'Oreal Jet Set in Rock On. It was very similar to GOSH Rainbow but still different! Since this time I have acquired several different Nfu-Oh's and even some Inglots!!! And we can't forget Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure, which in my opinion has the best application out of ANY flakie!

You will see 3 different flakies in this post: Rainbow, Hidden Treasure, and Rock On. Enjoy!

Petites Color Fever in Periwinkle + L'Oreal Jet Set in Rock On

Orly Gumdrop + GOSH Rainbow + ChG Magic Matte

Illamasqua Lament + L'Oreal Jet Set in Rock On

OPI Fiercely Fiona + Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure

OPI Fiercely Fiona + Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure + ChG Magic Matte

OPI Ogre-the-Top Blue + Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure

WnW Sunkist Sunrise + Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure

American Apparel Peacock + Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure

and I couldn't do a flakie post without my favorite:

OPI Funky Dunkey + Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure

I have even more you can see here:

Which is your favorite? What combination have you tried that I don't have pictured?