02 June 2010

Why you really should READ Zoya's site before you buy (or swap)

From polish insomniac

You see a polish on someone else. Looks great. A lemming is born. You see it on a swap list or Zoya has a crazy sale. You swap/buy the polish blindly and hope it will look good on you. You get it, only to realize it is SO WRONG for your skintone. You put in in the swap box with 15 others of the same shade you thought you would like.

Sound familiar?

There has been an answer all along but I was too pigheaded and/or stupid to see it right in front of my face. Zoya's website will actually TELL you if the polish is going to work for you. Just click on the link below. Tells you opacity, finish, and what skin tones it works on.

Meadow (Bouquet Collection)
from Zoya's site: Soft medium pinkish peach with mauve undertones and warm frosty golden shimmer. Golden and flesh-toned, a sparkling nude for warm skin tones.

Wow, the website was NOT wrong on this one. Almost opaque on 1 coat, (they gave the leve of intensity as a 4) and not for my skin tone!!! The description says its good for warm skin tones. I don't like the way it looks on me, I am NC20. I really want to like Meadow on me because I love it in the bottle.

So I need to follow my own guidelines! Hopefully I won't have anymore Zoya's that end up in my swap pile.

Oh, and if you don't like sheers? THEN DON'T BUY ANYTHING UNDER 3 FOR INTENSITY!!!