17 July 2010

As a wise blogger once told me, "You go after one of us? You go after us all."

This is already out there. I am not as eloquent of a writer as some of my friends are:

Michele did a great job here
Check out Musicalhouses' wonderful tirade here
Mary talks about the power of bloggers here (scroll down)
And read KrisInPhilly's suggestion on how to protect yourself here

However I am writing this because I feel the more negative publicity this company gets, the better.

Don't know what the hell I am talking about? Read this:
Ginger + Liz send cease & desist notification to 25 year old unemployed nail polish blogger from England

My favorite part?
"We are prepared to travel to Europe to..."

Um, threat much??? This just boggles my mind that a company as small as Ginger + Liz think that they can attack a blogger (a small independent blogger who doesn't even use any form of advertising on her site!) without any repercussions are just plain stupid. Um, hello, THERE ARE A LOT OF US!

I will repeat:
"You go after one of us? You go after us all."

So go on, Ginger + Liz and your lame group of attorneys, sue me!
(and that wise blogger was kellie btw!)