15 July 2010

Embrace your VNL!

Essie Escapades, sun

I know alot of you cannot stand VNL (visible nail line). But come on ladies, it's not VPL (visible panty line)!!! I love jellies and everything that comes with them, including VNL.

This beautiful red jelly is from the summer 2008 collection, which honestly looks kind of boring in the promo shot.

See what I mean? More pinks and reds. I probably wouldn't have given this collection a second look if I saw it on display. Luckily for me I found Escapades by itself in the clearance section of Beauty First. I love love love jellies, even if they are red.

Essie Escapdes, shade
The formula on this was flawless. I did just two coats, so if you can't embrace VNL, you may want to try three coats. You can see in the shade picture above just how beautifully glossy this shade is.

Would you wear this shade?
Do you already own it?
Can you embrace VNL?
Can't wait to see your answers!
polish insomniac