08 July 2010

Getting "wonky" with joe

There are words in my vocabulary that I never used before I started into the world of nail polish.

joe powder blue
"Wonky" is one of those words.

joe powder blue 3

I received this polish from PerryPie, a very very sweet Canadian blogger.
The polish is from a brand called "joe" and it is a beautiful baby blue color called Powder Blue.
The formula was great, espcially for a pastel, and had little to no cuticle drag.
They even had two balls in the bottle, even though it was so tiny!!!
(Maybelline you could learn something here!)

joe powder blue 2

But the brush was "wonky" for sure! I was surprised at how think and dense the brush was though! Luckily I was able to use it to "push" the polish right up to my cuticle.
So ladies, what are your thoughts on joe polishes? I have a few more to show you, including Fig, which I am going to compare to Illamasqua Velocity and American Apparel dynasty.
polish insomniac