12 July 2010

Greyed-out Lilac Comparison

One of these is not like the other!
The first time I wore this p2 I didn't see ANY of the shimmer, which is why I included it in this set. Now I clearly see it should not be grouped with the others.
No true dupes, but they are all close.
I most likely will keep them all, or if I see one of them on a wish list I might send it along.
(Good reason to keep your wishlists up-to-date!)
purple-grey comps 2

thumb to pinky:
p2 gracious - 2 coats
Illamasqua Velocity (UK) - 2 coats
joe Fig - 2 coats
Color Club - Uptown Girl - 3 coats
American Apparel - Dynasty - 3 coats

no top coat

purple-grey comps
my thoughts:

best formulas - Illamasqua, joe
darkest - joe, then Illamasqua
most purple red - Color Club
most similar - Color Club and American Apparel
thinnest formula - Color Club and American Apparel, but looked good after 3 coats

purple-grey comps 4
p2 - Germany
Illamasqua - UK (exclusive color)
joe - Canada
Color Club - US (I got mine from Ross!)
American Apparel - US