21 July 2010

If you couldn't get your hands on Project Runway...

... then hopefully you can still get your hand's on Ulta's Tainted Love, from the Glam Goth mini set. Because, all lawyer jokes aside, can YOU tell these bad boys apart?

Any guesses?

Pretty close huh? I would go as far to say "they are dupes" in my own opinion!

Project Runway came from a limited Sally Hansen collection that was apparently only release in Canada. It was actually "before my time" a la before I became obsessed with nail polish. It is spoken of in hushed tones and crazed swaps. I was lucky enough to receive it as a swap EXTRA!

They even applied similar! I layered these over Model's Own Grass Green, I used two coats each of the Sally Hansen and the Ulta. I must say, the only notable difference was that the SH stunk to high heaven!

I wish I would have done this comp right away when the Glam Goth set was still in stores. Who knows, maybe an Ulta near you still has them in stock? Since I don't need two of these fabulous greens, one of them is on its way to a new home.

So, did you get Project Runway the first time around? If not, did you manage to score Tainted Love? Here's to hoping Ulta will make it permanent!

polish insomniac