31 July 2010

MISSION UPDATE Part 4 - Rah Rah Rah Romance

Lippmann Bad Romance

This is the second to last polish I have to show you from my Nordstrom's Mission.

So far we have seen RD -Razzle Dazzle (here) and

LStB - Lady Sings the Blues (here).

I was hoping the pictures I took of Bad Romance would come out as well as Lady Sings the Blues, but alas it was hard to capture! I intend to retake these photos at some point.

Bad Romance has a black jelly base with small magenta glitter and large hex glitter of the same color. I used two coats in this application. I was disappointed that the formula on BR was slightly harder to use than LStB. However, if I compared the Lippmann formula to other companies that use hex glitter (or any other large glitter) Lippman would come out on top each time. I think I was simply spoiled by how easily LStB went on.

The Lippmann's polishes were part of Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale. Don't fret if you didn't get them, they most likely will be available with the rest of the core polishes later this fall.
So was it worth the $18 price tag? I think the quality of the formula is worth it. Would I spend $16-$18 on Razzle Dazzle? No. On Lady Sings the Blues? HELL YEAH!
And I still don't have Across the Universe. I need to get my act together!
I have one final Lippmann to show you tomorrow!
polish insomniac