22 July 2010

MISSION UPDATE Part One - Lady Sings the Blues

Deborah Lippmann Lady Sings the Blues

(Insert drool here)

I was really really bummed out when I got to Nordstrom and they were sold out of Lippmann's Across the Universe. Butt hurt even (that means really really REALLY bummed out). So I picked up Bad Romance, which I did want, but was sad for the rest of our shopping trip.

DH must have picked up on how sad I was because he mentioned I didn't spend all of my "budget" for clothes shopping (DH makes budgets for EVERYTHING) and it was OK to use it on more polish! God I love that man! I perked right back up, went back to Nordsrom, and picked up the All That Jazz set, which contains 3 polishes for $40.

This is absolutely, positively my favorite of the trio. I would say I will be showing you the rest of them soon, but I don't want to take this one off!

I applied TWO COATS of Lady Sings the Blues. Two coats!!! And for a glitter-jelly, the application was PERFECTION! The hex glitter laid down all by itself, and any that landed in the wrong place (like over the tip of my nail) were easily coaxed back a bit. I only used one coat of top coat (currently on the outs with both SV and Diamont, so I am using Nails Inc) and the surface is fairly smooth. Those of you who hate feeling any texture on your tips might want to use two coats.

I am still on the hunt for Across the Universe, especially since LStB was so great. Cross your fingers for me that it is still in stock tomorrow (payday)!