01 July 2010

My Current Top Coats


Each of these is used for distinct purposes!

Seche Vite - better known as just SV. I have a love/hate relationship with this stuff. I love it because it dries SO FAST which is good for clumsy people like me. Plus insomniacs can start at mani at 2:00AM and if you fall asleep an hour late you don't wake up with sheet marks! But you have to be super careful when you paint your nails with this: make sure you apply it soon enough; make sure you get a big enough but not-too-big glob; make sure you cap it and actually close it; add thinner, should add frequently and not just dump a bunch in at a time... i could go on! But no matter how many times I break up with this b**** I always come back to her. Except when I accidently buy Seche Clear! Then I have to go back to Sally's because I never figure it out until I go home.

Nubar Diamont - another love/hate for me. Sometimes it bubbles. Sometimes it's perfect. And every time I try to thin it, it looks FUNKY. But I really do like it over certain polishes, for example the OPI DS series works super well for me with this TC. I usually put it in the box and forget about it until someone brings it up and I wonder why I'm not using it more.

Color Club 0-60 Topcoat - so far I have only used this for one purpose, as a topcoat for my Zoyas. I was looking for something that preventing shrinkage and would actually dry on me. Apparently the problem with Zoya's is that they have to have a topcoat that does not contain CELLULOSE ACETATE BUTYRATE (click on the link because ALU explains it much better than I could). So far so good!

Nfu-Oh A&A Topcoat - the A&A stands for Acrylic and Airbrush. This is awesome for konading, it is the only thing that does not smudge my stamps, even if they are fresh. Miracle in a bottle! I also use it for "next day manis" when I keep the same polish but layer something over it. It is very thin and dries semi-fast, but is NOT a quick dry so there is no problem with shrinkage.

Barielle Mani Extender - this is a multipurpose product for me! It's actual use to be applied to dry polish a few days into you mani. Some people use it before SV to prevent shrinkage. I like to use it over bumpy glitters before TC - it makes you use less coats of TC AND is super duper shiny! It worked really well over my Nubar Sparkle collection. Which I never finished even swatching for myself, BTW! I used Diamont + Sparkle + Mani Extender + Diamont and it was awesome!

If you click on each of the titles it should take you to where you can purchase it! SV is everywhere though: Sally's, Ulta, Trade Secret, etc. Barielle can be found at Ulta, but if you are lucky you can score great deals at Marshalls or TJ Maxx.

Which of these do you love? Which do you hate? Which could you care less about?

DH is giving me puppy dog eyes. I am gonna try to go to bed!

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