14 July 2010

Poolside with Flip Flop Fantasy - POTD Warning!

China Glaze's Poolside Collection was very highly anticipated, I know quite a few people who bought the who set the day it came out. For some reason I wasn't really feeling it, so I waited. First I ordered Towel Boy Toy, and I loved it! Then I decided I NEEDED Flip Flop Fantasy. Naturally it was sold out at all the Sally's (or Sadly's) around me, I went to at least four different ones!

Which is why I was so happy I stumbled upon it at Ulta of all places a few weeks ago.
I guess I should be glad that Ulta really sucks at getting their inventory out sometimes!

I tried to take "normal" shots of this POTD, but I couldn't capture the neon color correctly.
I was seriously just messing around when I took these shots (there might have been some margaritas involved). But I really loved how they turned out!

Happy Feet!

This was two coats on my little toes, and three on the big toes. Rather hard to work with formula, I need more practice!

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