30 July 2010

Venting & Random Zoya Spam

I decided to eliminate the majority of my venting, but I got such a positive repsonse on the frog pool I knew I had to leave it!

On my way home from work today DH tells me he picked up the tank for the pool filter, we had a guy weld it to hopefully fix the leaks... Because the leaks were causing a lack of air pressure and the water wasn't cycling. DH spent an hour putting it back together, turned it on, and the thing exploded. Apparently water gushed out if it like a fire hydrant. Wonderful. AND the pool sweeper is broke. So we will continue to spend our days off cleaning the pool BY HAND. The only thing cycling the water is a small pond pump. Good lord. I quit!

The pool that DH and I will have to use once ours turns green.

OK! I feel better. Hopefully I will get to sleep. Usually when I am stressed I stay up all night worry about EVERYTHING. Hopefully venting to all of you will allow me to sleep! So to thank you for listening, please enjoy some Zoya SWATCH SPAM.

Midori - sent to new home!

Also sent to new home!

good night!!!
polish insomniac