03 July 2010

Storage Solutions, Items Used Daily

Do you keep all your "stuff" for manicures together?
What do you keep it in?
I tried several different options before I settled on using shower caddies!
I have two, this one and a back up in my "other" room I do my nails in.

I got this pink one recently at Target for $1 ~ can't beat that!
Wanna see what I keep in it?
Besides that massive pile of felt? And all those TC's and BC's?
Zoya Remove+
Seche Restore (for non-B3F polishes)
Orly Thinner (for B3f polishes)
Decanted bottle of 100% pure acetone (for cleanup)
Cleanup Brush

Illamasqua Boosh (for layering)
Lippman Cuticle Remove (mini size from trial set)
Qtica Half Time Polish Drying Accelerator (i don't always use it but I like to have it near me)
So fellow addicts, how do you store your essentials?
polish insomniac