20 July 2010

Today's Mission... Is It Halloween Yet?

Wish me luck, DH and I are going shopping today, I am hoping to find that my Nordstrom's has Deborah Lippmann Bad Romance and/or Across The Universe still in stock! At first I thought I just wanted Across The Universe, but after seeing Bad Romance on Scandalous I knew I needed it as well.

I am thinking that if I can't find Bad Romance, maybe the purple glitter from ChG Halloween will satisfy me??? When I saw Mummy May I on Scrangie's blog I immediately thought of the comparison, and apparently she did too!

Whatever, not the same but, I NEED THOSE ChG Halloween Glitters!
To get in the Halloween spirit, I thought I would share a hilarious picture I found in my Picasa account this morning. It's from about five years ago.

(Superman is not DH, he is actually DH's BF)

Wish me luck!
polish insomniac