31 August 2010

Bloom Bianca

Bloom Bianca, shade
This is my first ever Bloom polish!   Thanks R!  It is my favorite color, mermaid green that flashes back and forth from green to blue.

Bloom Bianca, partial shade
This polish practically applied itself!  3 easy coats with only the tiniest bit of VNL (visible nail line).  I loved the almost jelly-like consistency of the formula.

Bloom Bianca, partial shade
You definitely should click on the pics to make them larger!  I love the shimmery finish, it really IS the color a mermaid would wear!

Bloom Bianca, sun
Bloom is an Australian brand.  In the US we can get Bloom cosmetics, but not Bloom polish.  I wish this were not the case, as I officially ♥ Bloom now!

Bloom Bianca, sun
I can't wait to show you the other two polishes R got me from Bloom, they are awesome as well! (But not as awesome as Bianca!)

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