14 August 2010


China Glaze LOL
Today I have two more ChG's for you, and I gotta say I was completely blown away by LOL. I had previously only used it for stamping (does that sound familiar by now?) and cannot believe how beautiful it is. I am officially out of the blue and green rut I have been in and I have moved on to purples!

Unlike the rest of the OMG Collection, I did not need three coats for LOL, only two. Which would make it a great mani when you only have five minutes before you have to run out the door! (Just remember to swipe your nail bed with a cotton ball first.)

China Glaze IDK

So I have a funny story about IDK. Two people are standing outside a restaurant, trying to change the signage with those individual sign letters. A snarky employee had previously posted:

Why Whould You Shop Here? IDK!!!

The people standing outside are changing the words to something more appropriate, like SALE. Something boring, of course.

Employee A: "What does IDK mean?"

Employee B: "I don't know"

Employee A: "Yes you do! Just tell me what it means!!!"

Employee B: "I DON'T KNOW!"

Employee A: "OK, OK, I believe you now. I wonder who would know what IDK means?"

Employee B (shakes head and walks back inside)

Sometimes purple freaks out my camera, but I am happy to say the colors in these pics are true to life. Where LOL is vibrant, IDK is soft. They are both gorgeous shades of purple and I am already thinking of holo on holo konads I can do with just the two of these!

So are these your kind of purples? Are you a purple lover or a purple hater?

Or are you like me and fall in and out of love with colors at whim?

And which of these do you like better?


polish insomniac