29 August 2010

Dermelect Launchpad Update!

I have now been wearing Dermelect Launchpad for 21 days, and I must say I love it.  Even though my nails are not yet extremely long, they are in SO much better shape!  Can you see how wide the tips are?  Normally by now I would have little nicks on each side making them more pointy than round.  I still have to do a bit of preventative maintenance filing to grow out the damage that was already there, but I can tell it will be worth the wait!  Here is what my nails looked like on day one, here after one full week.  

I have mentioned before that I do not have much patience, and I would never be able to do a base coat AND a treatment on a daily basis.  I love that Launchpad does both for me!  Can you see in the picture above how my stains are growing out?  For a girl who mainly wears green, blue, and purple polish, I am surprised at how well the Launchpad actually prevents staining!

This product was provided to me by Dermelect for review purposes.  I am already planning my first order of Launchpad!

polish insomniac