10 August 2010

Flakies & Boobies!

My first Nfu-Oh I ever received was a RAOK (random act of kindness). Back in December of 2009 I had a new friend on MUA named IceRozie. Nfu-Oh 51 had just come back in stock on FabulouStreet and everyone on the NB was going crazy trying to place their order before it sold out again. Up until that time I had seen some pictures of the famous flakies but I did not own any. When my friend IceRozie found out I didn't have the $$$ to buy any, she placed an order and had it sent directly to my house!!!

So when I found out my friend Amberski did not yet own any Nfu-Oh's, I felt it was my turn to spread the love! I wanted to take a few last pictures with my own bottle of Nfu-Oh 56 before I mailed it off to her. I hope you enjoy!

Don't forget, click on the pic to make it bigger!

Who can resist a bottles that has boobies and a corset? Not I!

The girls in a family shot. When I put them away in my helmer, I call it the brothel!

Can you believe how pretty the corsets are?

How many of you have tried Nfu-Oh? I don't own any of their holos. I owned one jelly and a few more glitters but swapped or RAOK'd them away. Time to go shopping! Oh wait, I forgot, I am broke. Time to build my shopping list!

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