19 August 2010

FYI, this is my favorite from the ChG OMG Collection

*all pictures in this post are clickable*
ChG FYI is my favorite from the OMG collection for several reasons. Number one: I love the idea of shimmery nudes, I buy a TON but more often than not they do no work out. FYI works for me. The most beautiful holo nude I am come across (and I have a few).

Number 2: It is a delicate color, but it still has pizazz. It could literally be worn everywhere and be approprate. Plus, it makes me look tan (Number 3)!

Number 4: The rainbow holo is well prounced, and very flattering.

Number 5: It makes a great stamping polish. I love tone-on-tone konad designs. I used this over Chanel Particular and it looks AWESOME! Wish I could show you the pictures, but they were eaten by a virus on my old computer.

What are your favorite shimmery nudes? Or do you hate them? I would love to hear!


polish insomniac