11 August 2010

I've Got Holo FEVER! ChG 2NITE

*All images in this post are clickable!*
I recently realized I had not swatched all of my ChG OMG's. Definitely needed to remedy that, so up first is 2NITE.

I have used all of the OMG's atleast once, because I use them often when konading. I wasn't expecting much out of this one to be honest. It looked a little wimpy in the bottle.

Boy was I wrong! The color did not turn out to be wimpy at all, but a beautiful blue. This was three coats, no base, no topcoat.

The colors in the pics are true to life, none of that camera making them look too blue or too purple.

I cannot wait to wear this one again!

I have got quite a few more holo polishes to show you!

Until then,
polish insomniac