12 August 2010

I've Got Holo FEVER! ChG L8R G8R

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Holo Fever continues! First up we have ChG L8R G8R. First of all, whomever named this one deserves to be smacked upside the head. Who actually says "later, gator" in normal conversation, let alone text messaging? The only person I know who says "See you later, alligator" is my mother and she would have no clue to spell it in text speak.

Silly name aside, L8R G8R really surprised me. I had previously thought it was a unique color, but would look horrible as a full mani, and that it would give me the dreaded "lobster hands." I certainly proved myself wrong! Even DH liked this color on me.

The color in the bottle looks strangely yellow-green, but on the nails appears as a soft lime shade with blinding holo bling! Here I used three coats, no basecoat and no topcoat.

Most of us are aware that the beauty of the truly great holos are offset by how quickly they chip. I am happy to say that with L8R G8R I was able to wear it all day in the pool with no problem, and it only began to chip when I washed my hair. One thing I have noticed, if you want your holo to last, you have to be absolutely positively sure that you have removed any and all oils from your nail beds. I use my Zoya Remove+ for this, or you can use a swipe of pure acetone on each finger.
What are your experiences with the wearability of the China Glaze OMG collection?

polish insomniac