27 August 2010

Kaleidoscope Him Out!

Let's start the weekend off with a BANG!  Today I have one of my last two ChG Kaleidoscopes. 
Kaliescope Him Out is a vivid light blue holo. Unlike alot of other light blue holos, you can actually tell this one is blue. It never looks silver!

I got great coverage out of three coats.  The rainbow of colors in this bottle is just beautiful, and I love that it actually translates onto the nail.

I really enjoyed the formula on this polish.  However, since I was swatching rather quickly there is a visible bare spot on my middle finger.  I am sure with more careful application that could be avoided.

I had planned on showing you He's Going In Circles today too, but blogger is evil.  I used to be able to edit at work just fine but lately not so much!  So look for those late tonight or early tomorrow!

polish insomniac