15 August 2010

Launchpad Update Week 2, Day 1

I have now used the Dermelect Launchpad basecoat for a week (click here to see my first post), probably 5 manis. I must say I am impressed with it so far. It is easy to apply and dries fairly quickly. I am always impatient, after I put my basecoat on both hands I immediately want to start with color! Some basecoats would drag because they take longer to dry, but I have not experienced so far.

These are not offical "naked nail" pictures, I am wearing one layer of Launchpad. If I ever wanted to wear just a basecoat (yeah right) I would be happy with the slight green tint because it counteracts some of the discoloration in my nails... just like the green Smashbox primer I used to use helped with my spots!
Not too much going on regards to length, as I had to file my nails down again twice this week! I had little snags that would eventually tear so I filled them down. I want to point out these problems were in place before I started using Launchpad.

So far so good! Except the fact that I change my polish too much!