18 August 2010

My first foreign tag!

My first foreign tag! Although Google Translator refers to them as stickers. Which kind of makes sense. Tagging actually refers to graffiti, right? I would rather have stickers than graffiti! Only problem is I am having trouble understanding each of the stickers. Google Translator does not seem to be helpful right now!

Here is what Google Translator told me for each of them:

o seu blog e um luxo - your blog and a luxury ???

minha nota 10 e para voce - My grade 10 and for you (which i am guessing is "Your blog is a 10"???)

este blog e uma teteia recomendo -
this blog and recommend a teteia ???

este blog e super fofo - this blog is super cute?

Can anyone provide me with a better translation for any of these?
*iz dumb American*