13 August 2010

Feed your Holo FEVER with a GOSH Holographic Topcoat Sandwich

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We interrupt the ChG OMG Collection to bring you a very special holo!
Ladies and Gentlemen (or just ladies) May I introduce... GOSH Holographic!

GOSH (which can be purchased in parts of Europe and Canada) Holographic nail polish has a bad rap. Even before I received it I had heard horror stories about how bad the application was. So I decided to try something different.

On my right hand I applied my polish as normal, with three coats of GOSH Holographic.

On my left hand I used the topcoat sandwich method. I first heard about this method on MUA, and it was used to extend the life of matte or suede polishes.

Here is how it works:

polish, topcoat, polish, topcoat, polish

The key is to use a very thin topcoat. For this mani I used Color Club Vivid topcoat.

So here is 3 layers of color and two layers of topcoat sandwiched in between. I put it to the ultimate test - 4 hours in the pool.

And here is the right hand. Sorry it is not the best picture, it is practically impossible to take a picture of my right hand with my new phone. You can see that there are significant chips on many of my nails.

So the next time you wear a holographic nail polish and you want it to last more than a day, try a topcoat sandwich!

I was joking around when I took this picture... I almost always take at least one like this on my days off... I was gonna crop it, since it turned out so well... doesn't it look like an advertisement? =)

Happy Friday!


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