07 August 2010

WnW Week - Pixel Perfect Wrap Up

I have two more polishes that I bought myself from the Pixel Perfect collection to show you!

WnW Craze Saved by the Blue 3

OK, I like the name of this one! Saved by the Blue is a lovely shimmery medium blue with abosolutely no hint of purple. I love the name and I loved the color! As with before, this was a 3 coater but oh so worth it!

WnW Craze Saved by the Blue 2

Unfortunately, I can't say the same thing about the next one.

WnW Craze The Wonder Yellows

The Wonder Yellows was a PITA to apply! I swatched it twice and still couldn't get a decent picture. The first time it bubbled like crazy and the second time I knocked into something and took off a chunk of wet polish. Which is why this picture is so cropped. This was the only color I didn't wear as a full NOTD, just as a swatch. This was the only polish I had to do four coats of, and the only polish I would not recommend.

And here is a recap of the 5 polishes I purchased:

WnW Craze Buffy the Violet Slayer 5
Buffy the Violet Slayer

WnW Craze Sage in the City 3
Sage in the City

WnW Craze Teal or No Teal 3
Teal or No Teal

WnW Craze Saved by the Blue
Saved by the Blue

WnW Craze The Wonder Yellos
The Wonder Yellows

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