07 August 2010

WnW Week - Teal or No Teal

WnW Craze Teal or No Teal 3

Teal or No Teal, no matter how dumb I think the name is, just skyrocketed to my favorite from the Pixel Perfect collection.

But, hello? It's not even close to being teal? Aquamarine, maybe!

WnW Craze Teal or No Teal 4

Maybe I am just being catty about the name, but I can't stand Deal or No Deal. The game drives me nuts. Why is popular? Why is it in Prime Time? I am sure that there are MUCH better shows that could take up an hour of my precious TV!

WnW Craze Teal or No Teal 5

I loved this so much I wore it for three days trying to capture it in sunlight. Naturally, the day after I took it off the sun returned, so I quickly swatched it again for you today. (Which is why my nails look so much different in some of the photos, I filed them down yesterday.)

WnW Craze Teal or No Teal Funky French

Here is how I wore it on day three, as a Funky French. The tip color is a franken I made called BLÅ STJÄRNA. Roze picked out the name for me, it means "blue star" in Swedish. I definitely want to show you guys this color as a full mani soon, it rocks!

WnW Craze Teal or No Teal Funky French

So far my favorites of this collection are Buffy the Violet Slayer and Teal or No Teal. I have two more to show you today, stay tuned!

polish insomniac

p.s. I am horrible embarrased about the frazzle in these pics. My nail beds are soaking in Lemony Fluffer as I type!