17 August 2010

You can't have Holo FEVER without ChG OMG!

Super short post today, I apologize! Tuesdays and Wednesdays are my only days to spend with DH. We just got back from seeing a movie, "The Other Guys" with Will Farrell and Mark Walberg. Absolutely hilarious. If you go, be sure to stay through the credits!

This polish needs no introduction, so I will let the pictures do the talking!

*all images in this post are clickable!*

A few of your have asked if these are still available. The best place to look is VNS, they have A LOT of them still in stock, including BFF, which I have never gotten my hands on...

I was also able to find a few of them still in stock at Head2Toe, unfortunately OMG was not one of them. Transdesign had GR8 (which I haven't shown yet!) but for some reason they have it listed as a kaleidoscope. They also have QT and TTYL, which I won't be showing you because I swapped them away.