20 September 2010

Deborah Lippmann Across the Universe

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Lippmann Across The Universe
It is no secret I love Lippmann polishes.  I thought that Lady Sings the Blues was my #1 Lippmann, but now I have this beautiful baby to consider too!  Across the Universe was originally released during Nordstrom's Anniversary sale, and I was not able to get my hands on it before it sold out.  So imagine my surprise when I walked through the beauty department at Nordstrom's on Saturday, and found this sitting in line with all the other polishes!

Across the Universe is a navy blue jelly with bright blue micro glitter, large green hex glitter, and light blue/silver hex glitter.  Deborah describes it as blazing blue and metallic green glam in sheerest navy.  It really does seem like a universe on your fingernail!  Reminds me of what earth looks like from space: green, blue, and white. 

The formula on this was fantastic.  Three easy coats, and I did not do any cleanup (I should have though, in the macro shots you can see polish on my cuticles).  I thought all the Lippman hex polishes were easy to work with, but this was definitely the easiest.

I still can't decide if I like Across the Universe or Lady Sings the Blues the best.
What do you think?

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