10 September 2010

Blue Jelly Glitter Holo Franken

This is one of the very first frankens I have ever made, my blue jelly glitter holo franken baby.  Since that name was WAY TOO LONG, my friend Roze named it BLÅ STJÄRNA, which means "blue star" in Swedish.

In the close up of the polish, you can see there is not just glitter, but blue bar glitter as well.  I am generally not a fan of bar glitter, but in this case I think it helps with the opacity of the jelly polish and gives it depth.

To make this polish, I used Illamasqua Propaganda, Maybelline Shooting Stars, and WnW Clear.  Propaganda is a navy blue jelly which is unfortunately not sold in the U.S.  Shooting Stars is an old Maybelline polish I picked up at Dollar Tree.  The ratio was 20-60-20.

I have made this polish for a few of my friends, I am so happy I was able to duplicate the recipe!  And since I received my last swap from Rebekah, I have more Propaganda with which to franken!  And yes, Rebekah, the first bottle is for YOU!  Mwah!