26 September 2010

Dermelect Launchpad Update, Week 7, Day One

I took the pictures for this post this morning, before NFL Sunday Countdown started.  Do I have any football fanatics out there?  The NFL was upside down this morning, and it's not much better now!  All day long I tried to get up the ambition to come sit in the office and edit photos, but I couldn't take myself away from the TV!  My Steelers ROCK, BTW!

Back to nails, you may not believe me but these are the LONGEST my nails have ever been, all at once.  I am sure they would be much longer, but I am rather fanatical about filing, every week I take a few millimeters off.  I just want to grow out all the damage, and keep them all around the same length.  But they are UNBELIEVABLY strong!  You know when you bang your hand against something, and look down, expecting a break or a tear?  None!  And my nails are super susceptible to tearing.  The ONLY thing that I am doing different is using Dermelect Launchpad as my base coat.  That's it!

This product was provided to me for my honest review.  I have used more than half the bottle, so I am starting to freak out a little bit.  Definitely time to place an order!

polish insomniac