13 September 2010

Glass Fleck Comparison: Tarnished & Varnished vs Cherry Pie

I am going to start out a little sappy today.  I want to say how amazing this community really is.  I have become close with so many wonderful women that I have met in so many different ways.  I have met people on MUA's Nailboard, I have met people through the blogging community, and most of all through Twitter.  I went through a really hard time today, and you girls were there for me when I really needed someone.  Thank You!

On to fun stuff.  I wanted to do a fun mani to cheer me up.  And what cheers me up?  Glass flecked ChG polishes, of course!  The sun peaked out this afternoon, and since I am at home rather than at work I flew into action. 

2 coats each, partial sun
I wanted to do a comparison between two polishes that appear quite similar in the bottle.  Cherry Pie is from the 2009 Summer Days collection.  Tarnished & Varnished is from the much older Martini Pedicure collection, and is not B3F.

2 coats each, shade
Tarnished & Varnished is definitely the lighter of the two, and Cherry Pie is, well, more cherry!  I loved the formula on both of these.  Some of these glass flecked polishes are difficult to work with, but these are not in the least.

3 coats each, partial sun
The casual observer may not be able to tell these apart, but they are definitely not dupes.  However, if you are longing for Tarnished & Varnished, I would suggest picking up Cherry Pie to curb your lemming!  I got mine on sale at Sally Beauty a few months ago, but you can still find it at e-tailers like VNS.

polish insomniac