25 September 2010

Karma, Desire and Illuminate

My friend Jen, the polish-aholic, mentioned on twitter that she was looking for DS Desire. In my head I thought to myself, isn't that the one that looks like DS Illuminate, but different?

OPI DS Desire - Sun
OPI DS Desire - Shade
 Both are beautiful brown holos.  Check out how different Desire looks in the shade vs. the sun!  Incredible!  Desire is more yellow-based brown, and Illuminate leans pink, atleast on me!

OPI DS Illuminate
OPI DS Illuminate
OPI DS Illuminate
I felt I really didn't need both of these and quickly let her know via twitter.  And what do you know, she just found me a Misa I have been looking for!
Nail polish karma really works.

polish insomniac

p.s. Lowered prices and added a few things to my blog sale!!!